F.L.O.W. Tape Lock-in

Published on 2018-07-03

Hello fellow futuristic wrestlers (and Carl),

We are LOCKING IN our July subscription crew with this post so keep an eye on your stoops, doorsteps, mailboxes, and other package receptacles. You'll be getting our little bundle of joy in the middle of this glorious month!

We'll keep you updated with the shipping process, a well as any precious digital goodies that we decide to toss your way. Thanks as always for being beautiful people, but take it easy with the piledrivers m'kay?


-SBI Tapes

(This post has been used to collect your monthly subscription fee, as the lock-in posts always are. If your payment information is outdated, please update it within the week or Drip will cancel your account with us. If you are having any problems with the service, please contact us at sbipresstapeshelp@gmail.com)