February Tape Announcement!

Published on 2019-02-12

It's that special time of year, which means it's time for another month of cassette tapes! And, as always, it's delightful to see all your smiling faces once again.

February. The month of love, new and old, is also the shortest, and in some places in the world, the cruelest and the coldest. And so we thought that nothing would  give you a better idea of how we all feel at this time of year than our newest tape... 

Disturbed. Depressed. Inadequate. by comedian and musician extraordinaire Rob Tanchum.

That's right, slide into the tub with us as we unleash a bath bomb of self-loathing and humor, taking a rap-laden ride through Rob's conscious and sub-conscious.  Features the "singing" of  Dan Harmon on one of the tracks as well as Harmontown comptroller, Jeff B. Davis leading a number of between-song skits, and those are only a sampling of the guests that pop into the other songs on the album. The feel is authentic but also true to it's title, and feels like if a young, angry Larry David recorded an rap album. 

Enjoy the ride, don't take life too seriously, and try not to get any stains on your shirt as you float through the fantastic beats and memorable lines of the cassette.

Our loyal Czars will also get their paws on Johnny, Remember Me from our in-house curator and creative Mike Perry

Mike's explanation:

"The tape is a mix of teen tragedy songs; a popular pop mix with songs ranging from the late 50’s to the early 70’s. These songs deal with teen death or a dead lover. These became especially popular with the rise of car culture in the late 50’s/early 60’s, hence why most songs are about teens getting destroyed in car wrecks. Through this mix, I tried to cover all bases from teenage cremation, surfing accidents, plane crashes etc..."

Essentially it's a perfect for anyone who has someone or who doesn't have someone during this month of romance. As love, like all precious things in this fragile life, is fast and dangerous, like a speeding car. 

We are so excited to provide you with these two cheery, wholesome offerings for you to travel along with through February and beyond.

Be Our Valentine,


- SBI Tapes