Final Charge For Dan's Tape / Goodbye

Published on 2019-09-13

Well, this is it. 

We're using this post to charge for Dan's tape... and then we're done. It's been so great, thanks for everything.

We should have Mercy & Severity and Buried Skeletons in the mail soon, so keep an eye out for that. Dan's tapes are being printed and we can't wait to get them to you. One note on that, we originally promised that our Czars would get the Cinemax 80 tape but unfortunately we won't be able to make that happen by deadline. Instead we have a SECRET SURPRISE for you loyal Czars to say goodbye and thank you for supporting us at the higher-tier.

We should be able to keep posting here until late October so we'll be sure to keep you up-to-date on our new projects until then.

Other than that, I just want to say it's been a real fun time writing these posts and mailing these tapes out to you all. I hope that you'll stay involved with our new projects over at and We are still hard at work on more tapes and are super dedicated to the cause of the Cassette Tape Revolution! Please keep an eye out for the many new tapes we're going to be releasing this year and next on our other sites.

Signing off,

- Ross and the SBI Tapes Team