GNAR Tape Announcement and Lock-in!

Published on 2018-09-24

GNAR you ready for your next tape?

Start up your tape players and get ready for a wonderful co-release between yours truly and the GNAR Tapes GNetwork, Weekly Song and Video Challenge Vol. 1!

Follow twelve weeks of creative blood, sweat, and tears as the GNAR boys (The Memories and White Fang) put their musical muscle to the test and create sweet, sweet music on a randomly chosen theme. From 'the moon' to 'Beatles covers' and 'hats' to 'butts', our four stalwart musicians deliver sweet licks, sultry serenades and beyond for your listening pleasure!


Czar's won't only receive audio cassettes of the fruits of this artistic challenge, they'll be receiving video cassettes as well! That's right, SBI Press' first VHS release straight to your door, all in service to the magic (and possible insanity) of musical creativity.

Check out GNAR's full line of merch and creative endeavors over at , but don't touch that dial and stay with us here at SBI Tapes for all your analogue listening delights!

Hang Ten,

-SBI Tapes

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