GNARly There and October Announcements!

Published on 2018-10-01

Hey All,

Quick update on the GNAR tapes + tapes. All of the Connoisseur tier tapes are on their way out into the world and towards their new forever homes! For you Czars, we'll be shipping your packages out tomorrow. It turns out shipping hundreds of old school VHS tapes is more of an art than a science,  and that sometimes great just art can't be rushed.

The good news is that it's OCTOBER, spookiest time of the year! We are cooking up a big batch of frights for you all with the help of Dino Stamatopoulos' Sorry About Everything ! We'll be giving you all Dino's own special spooky tracks on Orange and Black, and you'll also be getting a mixture of his best live tracks in Live In Philly Pt. 2!

For the loyal Czars among us, you'll also be getting access to Dino's homemade music videos for the album, not to mention other surprise tricks and treats! Oh, also, we are going to throw in a specialized SBI-Tapes-approved 'cassette cleaner' tape next month. Those tape heads get gnarly with extended use, and we wanted to send you something to help keep you sane as you listen through our auditory offerings!

Pumpkin Spice,

-SBI Tapes