It's Beginning To Look Like Tape Time! (Tape Lock In)

Published on 2018-12-18

Merry Holiday Season!

We have a little something in our goody bag for all our special boys and girls. This holiday season we are bringing you the soothing joy of Vision by Corbo, of the LA-based art collective Chewing Foil. Take a pause from your family / gift giving / solstice rituals / bear-rug-by-a-fire-snuggling / et cetera, and float through eleven chilled out tracks that'll give you the clarity to power through the holidays and set you up to have a perfectly self-actualized and serene 2019. This year has been tough for everyone and we hope Vision will be the mana you need to make next year better (or at least to meet the breaking wave of our annihilation head on).

For the Czars that made the 'nice' list you'll also be getting a second tape with our favorite holiday tracks, no matter how awkward or shoehorned into the season they may be! We might even drop in a lil something extra to say thanks for your continued support.

We love all you little sweeties, and remember if you stay up when Santa comes he'll have his elves burn your house down.


- SBI Tapes

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