It's The Final Countdown / Dan's Tape!

Published on 2019-09-10

Loyal Compatriots!

The end times are upon us! We are about to shake loose this mortal coil, cross the dark veil, and explore the unknown country. The sinking of the good ship on September 13th will leave us all to be cast about on raging seas. But fear not! We have an answer!

For real, thanks so much for being a part of our team for this long. We couldn't have done it without you all and we are so happy to have been able to do this for a whole year with your help! We're super sad this stage is ending but we want to go out with a bang by officially announcing our last tape:

Your New Father, the new album by Dan Harmon and produced by Open Mike Eagle! 

Your current tapes will be mailed this week, but since we are pressed for time with ending and all we will have to charge for the Dan Harmon tape on Sept. 12th, before this month's tape gets to you all. This isn't perfect, but we felt that we've built enough trust with you all to know that even if we have to beg, borrow, or steal we'll get all the tapes we owe you into your hot little hands, come hell or high water!

The second tape, composed by mysterious composer oneL, is the soundtrack to CYBER 2 -Andromeda’s Infection. A soundtrack to a sequel to a movie that never existed. With detailed liner notes, composer intro and a fully immersive score, you’ll be able to revisit your favorite moments of Cyber 2.

Czars will be receiving a third tape in September - Starburns founder James Fino has put together his favorite unsung tracks from the scores of his favorite 80s movies. CINEMIX 80 is a love letter to the amazing original unsung music hidden in the background of some of the best 80s films. This free tape is our gift to you.

We'll also be back soon with more info on where we are going from here, our new subscription projects, and so on and so forth!

Hello From The Other Side!

- SBI Tapes