June Tape Announcement - Angelyne: Cosmic Gods!

Published on 2018-05-17

How's everyone doing tonight?! We are great, surfing the zen zone waves off the coast of a peaceful state of mind. 

We come to you with great news, our new tape!

COSMIC GODS with Angelyne -

Elusive Los Angeles personality and Billboard Queen, Angelyne, leads us on a guided meditation to self actualization and true cosmic balance and happiness. This bright pink tape will guide you to new realms of peace as you zen out with some ambient tunes on your fluffy pink cloud. Let Cosmic Goddess Angelyne help you unlock your own inner cosmic god and help you reach critical mass. 

And in even better news, we are altering our special formula. From now on, we'll be announcing our upcoming tape a few days before locking it in and charging for it. That means you all get to spread the good word and convince your uninitiated amigos to sign up before we finalize our subscribers. We'll be locking off next months tapes on Monday, May 21st.

In other news, for you Cassette Czars, we'll be dropping Open Mike Eagle's exclusive interview sometime next week. Get hyped.

That's all for now, have a good night and stay safe.

- SBI Tapes