Late April Tapes (May-pril Tapes?) / New Release Scheduling

Published on 2019-05-10

Hey Dearies,

We know you've been worried about us as we've been quiet the last couple weeks. We've actually been watching you, silently, from behind your bookshelves and from the backseat of your car at night.

We have a hot new tape for this lovely Apr-... May season, In The Weeds, by the incomparably brilliant Brendan Lynch-Salamon.

Brendan: "In the Weeds is a tribute to Mort Garson’s seminal album Plantasia: warm earth music for plants... and the people who love them — a cult classic of synthesizer experimentation and new-age thinking. Over the course of this ten-song record, I attempt to evoke the spirit of Garson’s work with a bent toward the psychoactive: In the Weeds is music for marijuana plants... and the people who love them."

Also on the slate for our special Czars is I Hate / Love LA, curated by our very own Tom Mendosa. 

Tom: "I HATE / LOVE LA, a tape to pop in as you drive home from your cruddy assisting job, or that 16 hour thank-less day on set, or maybe that restaurant gig as you ponder if any of those casting directors will get back to you. It's not all doom and gloom though, both sides together will take you on the mythological journey through Tragedy bursting forth into Comedy. So cheer up, maybe that casting director will get back you, and at least you got paid double overtime, or hey -- it beats real work! If you don't live in LA, feel free to sub-in whatever is bugging you."

Finally, we wanted to let you all know that we'll be changing how often our tapes are released. Now that we've passed a year on (go us) we are branching out in terms of the content we want to offer and pursue and as a result are banishing our hard monthly release schedule. We still want to send out tapes every month-or-two, but it will depend much on how fast we get a tape in the can, and the specific requirements for each project. You'll still only be charge per tape so nothing will change on that end, we just wanted to let you know we may be out adventuring in the audio forest a little longer before bringing our goodies back to you. 

We'll be back soon with lock-in, can't wait to see you all there.


-SBI Tapes