Locking In January Tape !

Published on 2019-01-28

Under the wire and into your hearts! That's where our latest tape, The Body Tight Workout by DJ Douggpound, is headed at this very moment. Even though January passed by in a flash, it's still the start of the year and we want you to start it off with the resolution to sweat to these original songs and legit workout instructions from the brilliant and unique mind of DJ Douggpound. We can't wait for you all to sweat your way to perfect glutes, buns, and thighs along with us! Don't forget to roll out the yoga mat and get the massage stones warmed up for some lovely post-workout bliss.

And for our Czars, we tasked one of our favorite Bizarro authors, Carlton Mellick III (writer of amazing books like The Haunted Vagina, Quicksand House, and As She Stabbed Me Gently in the Face) to put his love of K-Pop to the test, and our Czar level subscribers will be getting an extra tape of over an hours worth of curated K Pop. 

We'll be back soon to announce our February tape, so until then stay alert, watch your six, and make sure to replace the toilet paper.

The Oscars are a sham,

- SBI Tapes

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