March Tape Announcement!

Published on 2019-03-26


Thank you for your patience while we sketched out the finer points of our March tape, Mega Naturals by Sean and Honus! Sip some wine and set up the easel for a night of music to create and paint by. Abstract ditties and soundscapes to help you unlock your inner Bob Ross. Let the music guide you and unlock the dark and beautiful art that's been hiding in your brain folds. 

As a bonus, and also as a shining example of how this tape works, we will include a booklet of art by artist Jeremy Shockley, inspired and brought into being while listening to the inspiring melodies on the cassette. It may be a bit gauche, but we'll be giving these special art books out to all of our smiling subscribers as a token of our gratitude and appreciation of your continued support!

Don't worry though Czars and Czarinas, we've still been picking up special treats for you all at the corner store. Get excited for a SECOND tape, Disco Bops which was assembled by our very own Casey Rup. Travel to the faraway land of 1970s-1980s european discotheques where colors clashed, leather was our friend, and pants were... unusual. Give this one a spin to relive the glory days - or be thankful that you missed them!


- SBI Tapes