NEW month NEW tape!

Published on 2018-08-15


SBI Press proudly presents ACOUSMOSTOMY: A Collection of Field Recordings by Christopher Fleeger. 

In the spirit of vintage cassettes of Nature Sounds, audio engineer and composer Christopher Fleeger has shared with us his expertly curated and never before heard collection of sounds. Chris has traveled the world collecting some of the most unexpected and unique sounds and we're SO happy to be sharing his amazing finds with you!

From the theremin like electromagnetic hum of amazonian fish, to two malfunctioning hard drives' vibration on a cello. This collection of sounds plays like a musical soundscape, perfect soundtrack for rainy days, long drives, sensory depravation tanks, insomnia driven creative pursuits. And on and on. 

We hope you enjoy immersing yourself in this curated collection and follow the link below to check out a sneak peek at some mind blowing electromagnetic fish.

SBI Press Team