October Tape Details!

Published on 2018-10-18

Hey all, 

Hope your fall is falling away in a way that makes you happy and excited for the future. If not, we're sorry to hear that. So hopefully these upcoming tapes will help.  

Here's something to tide you over: we've got a flurry of goodies headed your way. Very shortly, you'll be listening to TWO NEW TAPES by Dino Stamatopoulos. "Black & Orange", a full-album-halloween-hootenanny of the spookiest  tunes to grace your sweet little ears, made all the more ominous played on cassette! Second from Dino, "Live in Philly, Part 2". Listen to part two of that chilly night in Philadelphia; hear Dino deliver his drunken sermon in song to the fine folks of Philly, recorded Live at Good Good.  Drink along. 

Also, funny story, we just moved into a new office building. The building is historic and old and we like to joke that it was built on an old cemetery, because it smells like dead bodies.  

While exploring the office we found that the previous tenants' had left some of their stuff behind. In clearing out the back office we found a dozen whole boxes of cassette tape cleaners. They were all dusty, covered in cobwebs. And none of our cell phones work when are around them. There was something strange and off-putting about these tapes so we wanted them out of the office, so we've decided to give these artifacts exclusively away to our Czars, along with a goodie bag of SBI PRESS stickers and a "trick or treat" t-shirt give-away; you'll get a mystery Halloween themed Starburns Chef t-shirt from a variety of color and sizes. So depending on what you get, you'll have a stylish t-shirt for stalking the town, or a comfy t-shirt for lounging around the house. 

You have something in your teeth, 

-SBI Tapes