Pemberton Digital Track! / Tapes Are On Their Way!

Published on 2018-04-14


That's right, as promised here is a hot track off of our upcoming tape! Side A, Track 2 - Drinking Gloves is a lovely call, complete with fruity notes and a rich smoky aftertaste. We hope you like it as much as we liked talking to that lady at the grocery store the other day, Karen. You know, the one at the Ralph's with the blonde hair? She is so personable and always keeps some big onions in the back room for us. Thanks Karen.

Onions aside, we are ecstatic to tell you all that the tapes are on their way! They should be in your hands by April 16th - 17th. If you haven't gotten yours by the 20th of the month, definitely reach out to us on our help email. This is our first month and we aren't perfect, so no worries if we need to work out some kinks to get you your goods!

We'll be cutting off sign up for the next tape next week and announcing (and charging for) our May tape then, so get hyped for that!

Have A Good Weekend.

SBI Tapes