Social Media Alert / Help Email / Cassette Players

Published on 2018-04-04

Keep your rounds of applause to a minimum until tapes hit the doorsteps right around April 15th. We just wanted to make you aware of a few bits and pieces that have changed around here. 

First: we have social media! I know, big surprise right? Follow us on Instagram (sbipress) for up to the moment dispatches on everything cassette tape, comic book, graphic novel, novelty doorknob, and so on. We do a lot of tape talk there, including hinting at upcoming, unannounced tapes! 

Second: we have a help line now! In case any of you want us to talk you through a lonely night at sea, or you have an issue with the service, just hit us up at

Third: you all have spoken and we listened. We are working on bringing the Cassette Czar tier back for a few more lucky subscribers. We are striking deals and cutting down Amazonian rainforests so that this can happen, and we'll let you all know when the new tier is live.

That's all for now.

--- SBI Tapes Team

(.gif by Marc Rodriguez)