Upcoming Releases and a note from our staff.

Published on 2018-08-27

Hey everyone! 

Thank you for your support. It means so much that you are helping us create these insane tapes. Your August tapes are shipping out, we know they are late, but we wanted to make sure they were perfect, and had to fix a few issues. But they are beautiful and ready to go and will be getting to your ears very soon!

In addition, we are very happy to announce to those who have supported us through our more experimental and esoteric releases, that we have some heavy hitters coming your way these next months. More music, more comedy, more delicious tape magic. 

We've just finished recording our "Jeff B. Davis Library Presents: The Exquisite Corpse" - an improvised book on tape that features chapters read and made up by: Erin Hayes, Greg Proops, Dan Harmon, Josie Lawrence, Scott Adsit and many more. Cassette Czars will also get a pocket paperback of the transcribed improvised novel. These will be out this year. 

For October - we are doing something special - and everyone will be receiving two tapes (three if you're a Cassette Czar!) with new music by Dino Stamatopoulos as well as something special for horror fans. 

And we're happy to announce that DJ Dougpound's Exercise Tape is almost done and is a legitimate workout with original music by Doug himself. 

We're hard at work getting all these tapes produced, and ready to ship to you! And in being in more constant contact with you, our kickass members. 

As always, we thank you for believing in this crazy dream. 

We love our tapeheads, 

- SBI Press.