Welcome Back ! / August Tape Lock In, September Tape Announcement !

Published on 2019-08-23

Hey little chickadees,

Its been so long since your bright faces have graced our little tape printing cottage. We've missed you. We're happy to have you all back in the nest but sad that our experiment is coming to a close, at least in this form. Stay tuned at the end of this tape announcement for more info on our new tapes, and where we are going after D.rip, and all that jazz.

For August we have two yummy little morsels for your refined palettes. The whole gang will be receiving a heavy dose of Mercy and Severity! Here's the skinny from the creators themselves:

"Mercy & Severity is the first solo album from pianist, singer, songwriter M. Justin Moynihan.  Recorded in the summers of 2018 and 2019 at the Department of Sound and Magic in Bellingham Washington.  Released by Starburns Industries Press.
The album was recorded a few months after an especially difficult break up.  The songs swing between empathy, disbelief, and unbridled sadness. At the core Moynihan yearns to understand and be understood.
While all the songs are sad, the tape stacks the more hopeful ones on Side A (Mercy) and slams the listener with the most brutal on Side B (Severity).
Engineer Dave Richards and his wife Kali Tupper support multiple tracks with vocals and mandolin.  Justin's brother, Jesse Moynihan of Adventure Time, graciously illustrated the cover art.
M. Justin Moynihan has written songs for Adventure Time, Manly, and a half dozen modern dance performances.  His Progressive Rock band Make a Rising rehearses and performs in Los Angeles, CA.  When not processing heartache through the piano, Justin writes screenplays and novellas, teaches rock climbing, and skate guards at a roller rink."

For our special Czars will also be getting a hot, spicy copy of Buried Skeletions: The Worst of The Grateful Dead created by our in-house producer and secret wizard, Casey. Here's a little more detail on this special mix:

"The Grateful Dead are one of the most beloved bands of all time and have an unparalleled cult-like fanbase that has resulted in one of the most extensive archives of meticulously organized live recordings in music history. Upwards of over 11,000 concerts have been hand recorded, copied on cassette, and traded ad nauseum amongst Dead Heads. SBI Press’ Buried Skeletons: The Worst of Grateful Dead LIVE is both a loving tribute and poking fun at the sometimes sloppy and often over-the-top-indulgent nature of one of the most beloved and mind-altering bands  - as well as an homage to cassette-tape culture and the Grateful Dead’s impact on it. With this new mixtape, One Hand Clapping, the SBI PRESS mix tape division, has scoured the Grateful Dead archive and come up with the BEST of the WORST of the Dead’s live takes - from their beginnings in 1965 to Jerry’s death in 1995. False starts, missed notes, flubbed lyrics, flat harmonies, prolonged tuning, incoherent stage banter, directionless noodling, drugs and drink amount to a long strange trip indeed. (Note: We are aware of the unfortunate omission of Drums/Space, but there is really only so much time on a tape… Please forgive us.)"

And as we reach the end of this noble and amazing experiment we are thrilled to announce a tape two years in the making - September’s tape - and the last in our D.Rip series will be the long awaited Dan Harmon: Your New Father, produced by Open Mike Eagle. 

In addition, every one of you will be getting a second tape as a thank you for supporting this dream of ours. The second tape for September, composed by mysterious composer oneL, is the soundtrack to CYBER 2 -Andromeda’s Infection. A soundtrack to a sequel to a movie that never existed. With detailed liner notes, composer intro and a fully immersive score, you’ll be able to revisit your favorite moments of Cyber 2.

Czars will be receiving a third tape in September - Starburns founder James Fino has put together his favorite unsung tracks from the scores of his favorite 80s movies. CINEMIX 80 is a love letter to the amazing original unsung music hidden in the background of some of the best 80s films. This free tape is our gift to you!

D.rip will be shutting down on September 13th, but we'll be busting out bad and boujee tapes well into the future over at 1handclappingrecords.com and starburnsindustriespress.com including: 

  • ASMR LIVE! with Gibi ASMR (now available at our website)
  • Teach Yourself Hypnotherapy Through Hypnosis with Ron Lynch
  • The Jeff B. Davis Library Book 2
  • Choose Your Own Adventure - On Tape! - with Alan Resnick
  • Rock in Retrograde with Degreaser - a Horoscope Rock Album
  • Theme Songs to Imaginary TV Shows
  • Children of the KRON - a re-score of the film Children of the Corn by the band KRON
  • Escape From Hott Mountain - a re-score of the film Escape From Witch Mountain by the band HOTT MT
  • A Whole New Set of Problems - Book on Tape - by Josh Fadem
  • Magic For the Blind
  • Poetry For Pets
  • Follow ups to our Haunted Tape Cleaner
  • And many more!

Thank you all so, so much for joining us on this crazy ride, it's been a hell of a lot of fun and we are really looking forward to continuing it into the future!

Don't Shit Yourself,

-SBI Tapes

(We are using this post to charge for the August tape)