INKTOBER #10 - Untitled project (2)

Published on 2018-10-09

 One of the questions I've been asked a lot since completing work on Triumviratus is "WHAT'S NEXT?" It's a question I'm asking myself too. 

So I thought that, for the rest of October, I'd post a few images from potential projects, all hand-drawn by me (using reference). This will get my head back in  the game, and will also give me a small stack of original art I can  bundle up as a reward for my next Kickstarter launch. 

Feel free to weigh in over the course of the month  if one or more of these projects really gets you fired up. All opinions  will be taken into consideration! 

Without further ado, here's another shot from the untitled project I floated yesterday.

Untitled project

I've been doing some thinking about this story since I posted it yesterday, and have started circling closer to a complete idea. It's not there yet, but here's where it stands.


Juna, nineteen, (pictured) doesn't remember a clean world. It all happened when she was young, about two. Occasionally, she'll have flashes, or dreams, about green grass and blue skies, about comfort and safety they just don't have anymore.

Very few people can remember Before - most of them are long dead, Juna's parents among them. But old Elsie, now mutated almost beyond recognition, remembers. She can see things, too.

Juna's older sister Rhys is losing the will to go on. Fighting for supplies, for deradiation filters, is too hard, and she has nothing left. Caleb is gone, thrown into a truck just days after she got pregnant; she learned later that he was sprayed like fodder onto a battlefield, fighting to protect that which he never would have had anyway. 

And Rhys and Caleb's baby... is living inside the Compound. They haven't heard from her since Rhys gave her up years ago - all they can hope is that she is being well cared for. 

 In this image, Juna is wearing a sci-fi-esque outfit. I'm undecided  whether I want to pursue this aesthetic, or put her in a ragged set of  everyday clothes that really highlight the desperation of their plight.  Tomorrow (or at least, sometime this month) I'll produce some Juna  concept art with that alternate style.  

Let me know what you think!