INKTOBER #2 - The Winds of Change

Published on 2018-10-03

One of the questions I've been asked a lot since completing work on Triumviratus is "WHAT'S NEXT?" It's a question I'm asking myself too. 

So I thought that, for the rest of October, I'd post a few images from potential projects, all hand-drawn by me (using reference). This will get my head back in the game, and will also give me a small stack of original art I can bundle up as a reward for my next Kickstarter launch. 

Feel free to weigh in over the course of the month if one or more of these projects really gets you fired up. All opinions will be taken into consideration! 

Without further ado, here's today's potential future project.


Before his arrest for war crimes, Elam Padakan dreamed of being mankind's saviour. Then a freak series of events made it appear to the entire galaxy like he'd risen from the dead, and instead of standing trial, he found himself elevated to power.

But his dreams remain out of reach. Instead, Elam must guard a terrible secret, curtail the advances of an extremist fringe acting in his name, reconcile with his fractured family, and stabilise a galaxy hellbent on tearing itself apart.

And on the outer edges of occupied space, a mysterious self-proclaimed Prophet has risen, with ill omens of cleansing fire. The final battle between good and evil looms... but which is which?

This final chapter in the acclaimed sci-fi epic that began with The Lesser Evil is about the things that remain constant, even as the winds of change blow...

Here we see Elam at two pivotal stages in his life.
Here we see Elam at two pivotal stages in his life.