INKTOBER #25, #26 - Chamber

Published on 2018-10-20

Here's another project that never made it off the ground. Today's artwork is from a three-issue miniseries called Chamber. This project never seriously progressed beyond the early concept stage. 


The official paperwork designated planet XT4-RJ9 as uninhabitable. A no-fly zone. The books made vague mention of some sort of cataclysm, but its nature and extent were unknown... or classified. 

Marise and Derryn are an ambitious couple, prospectors both. Their illegal covert probes showed that the empty planet did in fact contain a breathable atmosphere. And more than that, the soil was rich with tavrellium, a vital element in the production of fuel for interstellar travel. Enough for them to really clean up. 

Marise wants to have children; Derryn is holding out for now. His excuse is financial: this life is no life for a child. They need to make their coin, settle down first. Secretly, though, Marise suspects that Derryn has no desire to give up life among the stars. 

During the excavation, they break into a large chamber. The technology adorning the walls is like nothing they’ve ever seen before. They look around in wonder, marvelling at what might be the archaeological find of the century. 

They ponder the reasons why this planet might have been designated a no-fly zone (but it’s a bit late for them to start worrying about that now). Finding nothing that demands their immediate attention, and wary of the dwindling sunlight, they agree to camp here out of the elements, and look around more thoroughly in the morning. 

When they wake up, they are ten years older. The chamber itself has been overrun with growth from outside, and its power reserves are critically low. 

Standing before them is a child. A girl. Roughly nine years old. Dressed in modest cloth, she regards them calmly as they stir.

And then she introduces herself as their daughter. 

BONUS REWARD: I have uploaded the Chamber pitch, partial Issue One script, and some additional concept art to your $3 reward folder, for all backers at the $3+ tiers. (Please refer to the locked post of 1 October to locate this folder - if you need help finding it, let me know!)