INKTOBER #3 - Undad anthology

Published on 2018-10-04

One of the questions I've been asked a lot since completing work on Triumviratus is "WHAT'S NEXT?" It's a question I'm asking myself too. 

So I thought that, for the rest of October, I'd post a few images from potential projects, all hand-drawn by me (using reference). This will get my head back in  the game, and will also give me a small stack of original art I can  bundle up as a reward for my next Kickstarter launch. 

Feel free to weigh in over the course of the month  if one or more of these projects really gets you fired up. All opinions  will be taken into consideration! 

Without further ado, here's today's potential future project.

Undad anthology

The Undad books introduced readers to Brett Buckley, a family man struggling to engage emotionally with his wife and kids. When he unexpectedly turned undead and consumed the hamster that belonged to his son's class, he needed to reconcile his horrific and uncontrollable cravings against his need to be a good person and a good role model for his children. His secret double life as an undead man took its toll upon the family unit, and Brett was eventually forced to realise and accept that honesty is the only glue that can bind a family together.   

This new project will build upon the narrative and critical success of the existing miniseries, by inviting writers and artists to produce brand new Undad stories, for inclusion in a special Undad anthology (currently proposed to be five stories of forty pages apiece, to match the existing books).  

The original Undad miniseries was written entirely by me, partly to chronicle my personal experience grappling with depression as a parent, the difficulty I faced in asking for help from those closest to me, and the ways that this fractured and divided my most important relationships. But depression - and mental illness in general - takes many forms, and my story is just one among millions. The underlying metaphors that already exist in the story make the Undad universe particularly well-suited to a much more widely spread creative collaboration. 

The Buckley family
The Buckley family