INKTOBER #37 - an anniversary and a big announcement

Published on 2018-10-31

We're rounding out Inktober 2018 with some awesome news. 

As you know, my goal for this endeavour was to figure out what project I would tackle next. And as we entered the final week of Inktober, I got some news that pretty much made this decision for me. 

artsACT is providing me with a generous grant to produce Undad Volume Three. They officially announced it this morning. 

To celebrate both the receipt of this grant, and the four-year anniversary of Undad's first launch on Kickstarter (Halloween 2014), I've launched a fun little Quickstarter campaign to produce an Undad artbook, full of artwork produced by dozens of brilliant artists from around the world. 

As a supporter, you will be receiving this artwork along with your perks, so there's no need to jump on board this campaign unless you're after some physical prints, or really want the finished PDF of the artbook. will get you there. 

I'm really excited to be returning to the Undad universe. Undad is a comic that wears its heart on its sleeve. And its other sleeve. And down the front of its shirt. It's the most meaningful book I've ever written about my personal relationships, and is the title that's resonated most strongly with my readers too. 

From Undad Chapter Three. Art by Joseph Canave
From Undad Chapter Three. Art by Joseph Canave

So, it's entirely fitting that today, on the fourth anniversary of Undad's first appearance, that I formally announce that Undad Volume Three is entering production. 

Here's our last Inktober piece of artwork. 

Thanks for coming with me on this Inktober journey!
Thanks for coming with me on this Inktober journey!