INKTOBER #9 - Untitled project

Published on 2018-10-08

One of the questions I've been asked a lot since completing work on Triumviratus is "WHAT'S NEXT?" It's a question I'm asking myself too. 

So I thought that, for the rest of October, I'd post a few images from potential projects, all hand-drawn by me (using reference). This will get my head back in  the game, and will also give me a small stack of original art I can  bundle up as a reward for my next Kickstarter launch. 

Feel free to weigh in over the course of the month  if one or more of these projects really gets you fired up. All opinions  will be taken into consideration! 

Without further ado, here's today's potential future project.

Untitled project

This one is still very much in the early concept phases, but I've been kicking around some ideas for a post-apocalyptic heist story. What follows is a rough, rough, rough concept pitch.


The government died shortly after the plants did. Almost all the water was irradiated, which meant so too were the farms. People got sick. Others starved. There wasn't a third option. 

A few wealthy oligarchs hoarded all the remaining supplies and currently enforce their will over the populace with the aid of Enforcers, those who were mutated in favourable ways by the Great Change. The people in the streets know these supervillains as Capes, distinguishable by the radiation cloaks they wear. 

Into this situation we drop three starving twenty-somethings: two siblings and an unfavourably mutated friend. They have a personal beef with their local hoarder, and have a choice between leaving and fighting back.

Guess what they choose.

He's got Capes, Eyes in the sky, and an open-ended bounty on any thief, but they have no choice left.

Channelling the class wars, and set in a dystopian irradiated nightmare is this thrilling heist story that asks not only what it means to survive, but to LIVE.