Some good news, and a reward upgrade!

Published on 2018-10-18

As you probably know by now, I'm running this Drip page in tandem with a pre-existing Patreon page, with content shared and duplicated across both pages. 

One of Patreon's more fun features is the ability to set "funding goals." I've been using this feature to enhance the rewards offered to supporters once we're earning a certain amount per month. 

Over on Patreon, in the last day or so, we've totally crushed our third funding goal of $75/month! (In fact, between Patreon and Drip, we're creeping well up towards $100 - nice and close to our next Patreon funding goal of $125!) 

I just wanted to use this post to clarify that, even though Drip doesn't have an official "funding goals" feature that I can find, you will all be receiving the same bonuses and upgrades as Patreon supporters. 

So we've hit the goal. What does this mean?

Once all the Patreon payments are confirmed on November 1st, here's what hitting this funding goal has unlocked. 


The first is a permanent increase to the number of pages of Triumviratus provided per month from 22 to 33 pages. This will remain in force for every month we're sitting above $75, and is something for backers at all tiers. 

We've still got more than 250 pages of the story to be delivered, and this new delivery schedule means you'll have received the entire thing around May/June next year. 


I'll also be providing to all $3+ backers - free of charge - a recording of my "Creating a Graphic Novel" workshop. There's something like two hours of content here, and we'll get into everything I know about comics: concept development, script writing, art production, time management, collaboration, monetisation, and audience building. 

This workshop will not be provided to future backers - just to folks who are pledging $3 or more at the time the workshop is delivered (probably around mid-November). 

Once it's produced, I'll probably be selling access to this workshop for $50+, so if you're at all interested in getting your hands on it, make sure you're backing at $3+ for your one and only chance to grab it at no extra cost. This is my way of thanking you for backing me in these early days.