Wrapping up 2018 and planning for 2019!

Published on 2018-12-20

Dear backers,

We are just about to close out 2018 here, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support. 

My personal goal for the year was to attract $365 (a dollar a day) in funding from Patreon and Drip, and it feels really good to have smashed that total so comprehensively ($598 was the grand total between the two platforms). 

And this money has gone to good use. It has been instrumental in hiring sample art to be produced for Undad Volume Three, my next big project. 

None of this could have happened without your support. Thank you so much! 

Plans for 2019

Here's what is going to happen on this Drip page in 2019.


At some point in 2019, I believe, we can expect the entire Drip environment to be migrating across to somewhere else. I am not aware of any detailed plans, though I will share any information as I get it. 


We might be getting near the end of Triumviratus, but we're only just getting started here on this Drip page. There is a tonne of fantastic stuff still to come your way, and I'm planning a whole bunch more. 

***$1 tier***

In 2019, $1 backers will continue to receive monthly installments of Triumviratus pages until we run out. At present, we have eight chapters of the book to go, plus the epilogue, which means that (if our funding remains as is) we'll run out of pages around August/September 2019. 

After that, we'll relaunch this page with pages of a new book: Undad Volume Three. If pages aren't available by then (they should be, but it's good to build in contingencies), I'll post a couple of brand new short stories instead to tide us over. 

***$3 tier***

$3 backers will continue to receive ongoing behind-the-scenes content for Triumviratus, and all the perks of the $1 tier

The back catalogue bonus content will be the same as it was in 2018 (unless anything particularly interesting gets unearthed or created). To compensate for this lower rate of new content for long-time subscribers, I'll be devising and posting some brand new perks for backers at this tier. We'll be starting with the Triumviratus audio commentary early in the new year. 

***$7 tier***

$7 backers will continue to enjoy all the benefits of the $1 and $3 tiers, just as they do now. 

As per an earlier post, my plan for the $7 tier is to keep the titles rotating around on an annual basis. The release schedule for 2019 will be the same as 2018 (Triumviratus will be added to the 2020 rotation). 

  • JANUARY: James Flamestar and the Stargazers (2014 - 74 pages)  
  • FEBRUARY: Undad (2015 - 216 pages)
  • MARCH: Undad Vol 2 (2015 - 230 pages)
  • APRIL: Undad journal (2015 - 200 pages)
  • MAY: The Lesser Evil (2017 re-release - 350 pages)
  • JUNE: Artbook + published short fiction collection (2005-2017)
  • JULY: Peaceful Tomorrows (2017 re-release - 616 pages)  
  • AUGUST: Game development #1 - Line in the Sand + Twine project
  • SEPTEMBER: The Game (2014 - 394 pages)  
  • OCTOBER: Game development #2 - The Ties That Bind
  • NOVEMBER: All The King's Men (2016 - 710 pages)
  • DECEMBER: Academaesthetics (2007 - 54 pages)


2019 might include some price bumps for new backers, but only if the Drip platform allows me to lock in prices for you guys, my early bird supporters. I still need to investigate the technical aspects of this. 

If we do go ahead with any pricing changing to the reward tiers, I'll be sure to give you plenty of notice, so you can lock in at the current prices in your preferred tier. 

Any questions, requests or comments? 

Although we've started making lots of exciting plans for 2019 on this page, nothing's set in stone yet. So if there's some particular type of content that you're hungry for, please let me know! There might well be room for it in our schedule for the upcoming year.  

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas/holiday season. And whatever form your celebrations take, I hope they are joyous. 

See you in 2019!