I am an online comic artist and illustrator who began posting comics in August of 1998. I've been doing this for 20 years and am still learning how to do it RIGHT! :D I'm a wife, mom, and love pets.

Really, there's not much to say that wasn't already said in the short description.  My work is pretty much my life along with my family and doing family things.

I love fantasy, wildlife, animals in general, and dinosaurs!  I LOVE dinosaurs and dragons!  I tend to like them NOT acting like their stereotypes.

I'm still learning and always working on improving both my writing and art.  I work both traditionally and digitally.  I LOVE ink.  I also enjoy watercolors and using my copics.

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  • Don't Sub Here

    For  now, putting this one on the side so I'm not spending time uploading content when nobody will see it.  Already had one freeloader...
  • Current News and Vacation!

    It's almost November and I didn't succeed in what I WANTED to get done, however, I still got things done.  Tomorrow I will be doing...
  • Wingust Files

    I had problems getting this up and it looks like it never posted. :(
  • Current Status

    Uploading comics to four sites at one time. :/  It's not fun.  So far, is active and so is Kofi, although I think I need to contact...
  • New Wingust Pieces!

    Just more inkings!
  • Drip is now OPEN

    I THOUGHT I had already opened it, but turns out there were a few more things to do.  I'll be uploading content here as well as other...