Audiobooks. We narrate, produce, and publish them. With an acute taste for Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Thriller. We promise to give you an earful.

We, Stefan Rudnicki and Gabrielle de Cuir, at Skyboat Media are story-tellers on audiobooks. We hunt down rights, prepare word lists, consult with authors on pronunciations, spend days and days in the recording booth on both sides of the glass, edit/proof and master audio files, write blogs and chatter away about our goings on on Social Media. We go to conventions like WorldCon and StokerCon and the Audio Publishers Association Conference (APAC) and talk audiobooks.  

You may know us as the voices of Ender and Valentine on Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game series. Or as the Kickstarters of Harlan Ellison’s Star Trek: The City on The Edge of Forever and Queers Destroy Science Fiction. We won our most recent GRAMMY for producing Janis Ian’s biography, Society’s Child.  We recently collaborated with Cory Doctorow on his new multi-voice novel, Walkaway. Gabrielle just directed Jenifer Lewis on her autobiography The Mother of Black Hollywood. Skyboat directs and records Wil Wheaton in many of John Scalzi’s work, including Red Shirts and, most recently, The Collapsing Empire and Head On. We have received two Hugo Awards for producing the podcasts for Lightspeed Magazine. Stefan is a Board Member of the Audio Publishers Association.

Stefan was born in Poland, graduated from Columbia College and Yale Drama School, taught at U of Rochester, LIU/Post, Dartmouth and NYU, and has narrated and/or produced over 3000 audiobooks. His knowledge of science fiction and fantasy is encyclopedic. He also has one of the industry’s most recognizable voices. “Velvet Granite” it’s been called.

Gabrielle grew up in Rome with her wildly creative Oscar winning father. She has also produced and narrated hundreds of audiobooks. She is known as the actor’s director in audiobook land. She also does a mean Mancunian accent.

The stars collided in 2000, and Gabrielle and Stefan fell in love with each other and each other’s passion for story-telling. 

What will we be doing?

We need your financial support to create new audiobooks which traditional publishing routinely ignores. We will be searching for new projects, hunting down rights holders, securing those rights, going into pre-production, recording, editing and marketing. We love all good writing, but are decidedly partial to science fiction, fantasy, horror and thriller. We get all giddy at the prospect of discovering classic out-of-print novels and original projects to produce on audio. 

As result of sea changes in the audiobook business (we’ll go into that once you join) we are seeing that more and more we need to stick to our creative guns, and keep insisting on delivering high quality, rare gems to you, the discerning listener.

Why would you want to join?

We want to nourish our community of listeners. We'll do livestreams, Q&As, blogs on all topics and coverage of genre related events, such as WorldCon. We will podcast sections of books and have you weigh in on what you’d like to hear. We will address author issues: how do I get my book on audio. We will talk about narrator concerns: technique, accents, character. We’ll talk about the history of certain genre books and their authors. We will be listening to what YOU want to hear, know about, your likes and dislikes.

What is DRIP?

DRIP allows you to support our creative work on a monthly basis for as long as you like. You can cancel at any time. If you sponsor us during the first 30 days, you become a Founding Member and earn a permanent place on our main page.  At the end of the Founding period, you will receive a free digital Skyboat audiobook along with access to ongoing exclusive Q&As, blogs, sessions in the booth, previews of ongoing work and our undying gratitude.

An Invitation

Join us on the Skyboat expedition! We’re going anyway, but would love to know who you are and have your helping hand, insight and companionship along the way. Travel with us as we search for lost genre gems. It’s why we’re on this planet.

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