Horror: The King in Yellow

Published on 2018-05-24

We’ve been creating audiobooks for a very long time. But it’s only been a few years since we started our own publishing line, specializing in what we like to call Genre Gems.

We started out with a seminal gem in the Horror Genre.

Our first publication was Robert W. Chambers’ THE KING IN YELLOW and then we followed it up with two more of his works: MYSTERY OF CHOICE and THE MAKER OF MOONS.  Chambers has been called “the father of supernatural fiction.”

In fact, Stefan owns one of the few extant copies of the THE KING IN YELLOW's first edition and he wrote and produced an award-winning play based on a few of its narratives. Check out the type written (the ubiquitous Postal Instant Press Goldenrod color?) program from his production.

After recording the macabre collection THE KING IN YELLOW we knew we could not get enough of Chambers and his eerie and ominous short stories. We released a second collection of Chambers’ tales: THE MYSTERY OF CHOICE. Here's Gabrielle clutching our coveted copy to her bosom:

Originally published in 1897, THE MYSTERY OF CHOICE includes seven chilling stories: “The White Shadow”, “Passeur”, “The Key to Grief”, “A Matter of Interest”, “The Purple Emperor”, “Pompe Funebre”, and “The Messenger”. And the book is out of print; so this is not available anywhere else, unless you own a very rare original edition (like we do!) These audiobooks are all narrated by super fan Stefan Rudnicki. He brings this same passion and enthusiasm to narrate this collection, translating into one thrilling audio experience of which we are very proud.

Here's the first full hour of the audiobook for your enjoyment:

And the stories just kept coming with THE MAKER OF MOONS. Originally published in 1896, Robert W. Chambers’ title story of this short-story collection is considered one of his finest weird tales (and coming from Chambers, you know that is saying something!). It is followed by a series of romantic art nouveau stories: “The Silent Land”, “The Black Water”, “In the Name of the Most High”, The Boy’s Sister”, “The Crime”, “A Pleasant Evening”, and “The Man at the Next Table”. Chambers’ love of natural scenery, symbolic animal figures, and ghostly imagery are on full display. 

Thanks to the Season One HBO series True Detective, THE KING IN YELLOW has been thrown back into the limelight once again.  

The last time it was this popular was in 1895, when Chambers first published the work.  Chambers was already a well known writer of the romantic and supernatural at the time, but nothing garnered him more attention than this: a collection of strange little stories---with bits of poetry and prosaic impressions thrown in---that largely weave around a forbidden play (where the book gets its title) that makes its readers go mad.  The result is simultaneously delightful, creepy, inventive, poetic, and downright gutsy, and overall, very ahead of its time.  Chambers was clearly inspired by other writers of the macabre such as Poe and Wilde and helped pave the way for future experimentalists such as Eliot and Stein.

This is the kind of audiobook we want to keep doing for you.