LIVESTREAM - From the Tardis Audiobook Booth with Gabrielle - Day One on a new Fantasy Series

Published on 2018-07-17

Join Gabrielle today from our "Tardis Booth" as she preps a new Fantasy series by author CR Daems. This is the first book in his The Shadow Sisters series. Gabrielle will chat about script preparation, character choices, accents, and will record the first few pages as a test. She'll tell you why the Tardis booth is so named, and she'll take any questions that you might want to ask. She will also attempt the death defying feat of streaming Live on Facebook at the same time.

So, until tomorrow folks!

Gabrielle from the Tardis Booth at Skyboat
Gabrielle from the Tardis Booth at Skyboat

Sign up now and please say "hi" in the chat field during the stream if you can tune in! Love to meet more of you.