Script Marking in the Booth - THE SHADOW RYANA by CR Daems (Fantasy/Sci-Fi)

Published on 2018-07-18

Today I (Gabrielle) was in the booth recording the novel THE SHADOW RYANA about which I Livestreamed yesterday. In the Livestream, I talked about first day of prep. The above is a three minute snippet of video from today's session, showing you how I technically mark the script as I go along.

This is from the actual recording. (The audio you are hearing is from the iPhone, not what's going into the primo recording system.) I have the manuscript on an iPad, and am using an App called iAnnotate which allows me to mark the script. Each time I do a reread, I make a slash mark for my editor as a sort of road map for him/her to use during the edit, to clean up all the miss-takes and mistakes. There are quite a few retakes because it was a little tricky trying to film myself and read at the same time. (I do have gear to mount the iPhone in the booth, but did this on the spur of the moment.) So pardon the jiggling.

I hope it allows you to follow along a little with the script and see how the actual crafting of the reading rumbles along. 

At the end of each recording day, we send the audio files and the marked script to Ken in Bristol where he an his editing team do their magic. They tighten my pauses, remove my silly-ass comments and extra breaths. They are the true magicians of making a narration sound great.