Performances at the Museum of Modern Art

Published on 2018-12-07

The dance realization of this artwork titled Jag vill gärna telefonera (I Would Like to Make a Phone Call) was originally performed by Steve Paxton & Robert Rauschenberg in 1964. The choreography is drawn from the various photos above, the dancers imitating the positions of the subjects but executing them in their own artistic way. Paxton calls this type of choreographic inspiration “graphic options.” The red and blue dots indicate to which dancer the pose was assigned to. The arrows inform the sequence to follow. 

The piece was remounted and performed by Stephen Petronio and Randy Warshaw in 1982 on a program of Judson-era reconstructions co-sponsored by the Bennington College Judson Project and Danspace Project at St. Mark’s. Stephen Petronio Company will perform both the 1982 version and new realizations of this work at The Museum of Modern Art's exhibition Judson Dance Theater: The Work is Never Done from December 9-15, 2018.