I write comics, create fictions, tell stories and build worlds, collaborating with talented artists to realise my visions. Let me share these with you, drip by drip.

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I'm a writer based in Birmingham, UK, and I'm the face behind Time Bomb Comics, an indie comics publisher that has become a mainstay within the British comics community since it began publishing in 2007. Through Time Bomb I've published a wide and diverse range of titles with a wide range of creators, but I also use it as a platform for much of my own work as well.

Over the last few  years I've probably become best known for devising and writing Flintlock, an ongoing anthology adventure series set entirely in the 18th Century, and for running several successful pre-order campaigns through Kickstarter. These have been for Flintlock and other books published by Time Bomb and have proved to be a terrific way of finding a new audience.

I'm also familiar face at comic conventions and pop culture events across the UK, where I'm also known for wearing eye-catching jackets! 

Although Flintlock and the 18th Century world that I'm building around it is my main creative focus, I create stories in other genres as well, including horror, steampunk and SF. Comics are my usual medium, but I recently have started to write short prose fiction too, which is something I'm hoping to explore further though this page in the months to come.

I always seem to be working on something new, with different projects at different stages of development, and Drip seems an ideal way to share those projects with anyone who's interested in my work - be it past, present or future.

Through this page, my intention is to share works in progress, art samples, page reveals, and complete pdfs of some of my previous work.  I'm also going to be using Drip to share exclusive content, including brand new comics and stories that will debut here before appearing anywhere else.  I'll be sharing details of how all future Time Bomb Comics releases are progressing, and shine the spotlight on some of the books published in the past. You'll also get advance notice about any future Kickstarter pre-order campaigns that I have coming up.  

Some of the subscription levels will include exclusive physical rewards too, that either won't be available anywhere else or released in very limited quantities. These will be sent to you free as a thank you for being one of my subscribers. If you've backed any of my Kickstarter campaigns so far, you'll know that I'm a big fan of rewarding folks for their support, and this is another great opportunity for me to do that !

Drip is a new endeavour for me, but an exciting one and something that I'm delighted about being a part of.  I've lots of stories to tell and things to share - so please join me and let me know what you think of them.



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