Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade - Week One

Published on 2018-10-12

Presenting exclusively on drip, week by week, a brand new story - Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade!

Myself and Mr Turpin have a bit of history - it was my 2008 highwayman versus zombies one-shot Dick Turpin and the Restless Dead with small press artist Andy Dodd that not only make a lot of people start to take notice of Time Bomb Comics but also sparked my fascination with the 18th Century that in turn led to my Flintlock series.

I followed up that first adventure with Dick Turpin and the Crimson Plague, a tale of vampires in 18th Century London drawn with aplomb by Graeme Howard, and since then people have often asked when I'd be doing something once again with the notorious highwayman.

So here it is, with astonishing artwork by Roland Bird, lettered by Bolt-01 and edited Paul H Birch.

You can enjoy our first episode as a free public post, and I hope you like it enough to consider taking out a Firstlook subscription to enjoy the rest of the story, week by week, here on drip!