Momento Mori or The Future Of Drip

Published on 2019-09-14

I'm sure you've all been contacted by Drip with the news that this platform is being discontinued in October, so this is just a quick post to address that and how it will effect Dick Turpin and the Vengeful Shade.

The original intent was to ensure that the final part of the story would be posted on or shortly before 31st October, but Drip's demise will mean we'll be getting there sooner than later. That's right, I won't be curtailing the story but rather posting more pages more frequently so that we reach our conclusion by the end of September!

On the downside, there'll be less commentaries and rough/pencil images as individual page posts, but I'll do my best to have some consolidated overviews similar to the commentary for weeks 33 - 37.  So, rest assured, you'll get to see the full story before Drip closes the lights on us!

Regarding the future I can let you know now that the complete story will be printed in a collected edition around April 2020, and that each of the pages are being coloured for that. Something to look forward too, eh? I'll update you all further to that as soon as our final instalment is posted - so hang in there, as I think you'll appreciate what I have planned for you!

As to an alternative to Drip, I'm considering a Patreon launch once Drip is done as I've enjoyed this as a means to share a new project and the ideas behind it, so expect further details on that soon too. 

Right, let's get back to our story...