My first drop on drip...

Published on 2018-10-12

Suddenly this feels like one of those online dating sites where you have to write something about yourself to attract some attention, and I was always terrible at writing those!

Welcome to my drip page!  

Well, that was easy!

What? You want more? Ah. Not so easy, perhaps...

Drip is a new venture for me, and one that I hope at least some people will be interested in being a part of.  The appealing thing about that is that drip is also fairly new, so hopefully some people will be interested in that too, if only to see how it compares with P*****n. I support some creators on P*****n, but I'm not running a page there myself - instead opting to put something together here instead. Because it's new, because it's different and, hell yes, because those awfully nice Kickstarter people invited me to as I've successfully run several campaigns on their Kickstarter platform itself.   

The link between Kickstarter and drip genuinely excites me, as it provides a means to connect further with anyone interested in my creative output, beyond that focused 20 - 30 day funding opportunity that by its necessity concentrates entirely on getting that one thing into the hands of those that want to experience it. That one thing is very much the final piece of the jigsaw for most creators, myself included, with months if not years of creative building having already taken place before hitting that "launch campaign" button, hoping that others in the Kickstarter community will find what's been created is worthwhile, engaging, and deserving of support.

So this is about the building, and letting you see those earlier jigsaw pieces, in a variety of different ways though a range of subscription choices that will provide exclusive updates about the multiple projects that I'm working on independently a with others.  So, crucially, this won't be all about me, because (for the most part) comics are my creative medium of choice and writing comics means you have to work collaboratively with other creators to realise your ambition. So there'll be updates here about the projects we  are collaborating on. 

The Firstlook subscription is a perfect example of this, presenting brand-new comics work here before it's seen anywhere else. You'll get a page a week, drawn and lettered, for you to read and (hopefully!) enjoy, of a project that won't be published until it reaches its conclusion here.  (The story that kicks this off is a beauty, and will keep us going for almost a year, so see my next public post for details!) 

I've also a Flintlock subscription which will concentrate on my popular 18th Century anthology series of the same same, but will also include updates about Flintlock spin-offs and my other comics work. These will feature comics I'm creating myself but also exclusive updates regarding comics that I'm helping others create in my capacity as editor for Time Bomb Comics.  

I'm also using drip to challenge myself creatively. Over the past eighteen months I've started writing traditional prose fiction, so the Foxglove subscription that's offered here will include previews of this work, and involves a commitment from me to write something new for you each and every month.  That might be a short story, or an extract from a longer work, but it will be something that for the most part will only initially be shared here.

Finally I have an all-in Fullworks option, which includes free digital copies of all books that I release through Time Bomb Comics, and physical rewards sent out for every 4 months of support.  I don't want to reveal too much about these yet, but the intention is to send subscribers at this level items that would be limited, or exclusive, or both. 

So that's me laying out my stall and reeling out my pitch.  If you're interested in me and my work please come come along for the ride but I'll be honest: I've genuinely no idea where this journey is going to end up!