The Still Making Art Foundation is an independent non–profit supporting young and progressive artists.

Still Making Art is an independent non–profit foundation supporting young and progressive artists.

Still Making Art intends to distribute grants on an annual (and eventually quarterly) basis. These grants will have a simple application process and a selection procedure that employs creative and unconventional protocols. 

Still Making Art aims to support artists within the watershed of becoming a professional artist. It is in this period that many artists struggle—either due to lack of knowledge of the best methods to apply for support, or due to their work pushing progressive ideas that are unbeknownst to the usual funding body.

Still Making Art intends to liberate the application process. The activities of the foundation, and its extensive cohort of artists, will be publicised in a variety of formats including exhibitions, events, printed matter and digital media.

Still Making Art is a cloud based institution. It does not require overhead costs such as an office, facilities, or staff, to conduct its activities. The platform acts under the designation of a foundation no matter how much money it raises and consequently distributes. 

How can you support? 

You can support Still Making Art through subscribing to Drip, or through making a one-off donation through PayPal. The subscription costs are as little as 3 Euros per month. The support from subscribers is then collated and distributed to artists.

What will you support?

Your contribution will be exclusively supporting artists within our specified demographic. Grants will be publicised on an open call basis. Depending on the initial funds we accumulate these calls will be annual or quarterly cycles. Chosen artists will then be showcased on our drip profile, website and social media channels.

What will you receive?

Your support will entitle you to regular updates of the project’s activities and beneficiaries. There will also be exclusive content and perks available to subscribers.


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