Independent Comics creator. The Human Beings, Monologue, Epilogue, Mack&Mondo, MillicentBarnesComics.

My new title called MANifestation is now available exclusively here on Kickstarter drip. It is just the beginning of what I plan to share with everyone. Most of my readers know how private a creator I am so I look forward to opening the doors and sharing content which you will not find elsewhere.

For those unfamiliar I have been a working artist all my life and in 2014 I returned to my first love - comics. Since then I have created over 50 books for my MillicentBarnesComics imprint. Initially it started with Mack & Mondo, a series about a killer and his cat, which spawned the 14 issue City War, and in turn Delta, ( )

Then I moved to Kickstarter to create print versions of the books,( ). My current on-going title The Human Beings is a large genre-defying work that encompasses characters and locations from previous titles. Please take a moment to check out what professional creators say about it here -

More than just comics you will also be able to access paintings, writing, and music that complete the world. I look forward to hearing what you make of it all.

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  • Forward

    First, thank you for the unanimous show of support. The main thing that comes across is that you all enjoyed the alternative content...

    While in Vienna I received the email below about the shutdown of DRIP. Due to the sale of Drip to XoXo falling through Kickstarter are...
  • Infographic

    Started designing an infographic to go with the next Kickstarter - thought you might like a look, FIRST DRAFT It's by no means...
  • KS is live!

    Hi everyone, Actors is up. Please click/share/post/shout/holler/scream if you...
  • Actors Kickstarter

    Hi everyone, massive thanks for your input on the KS banner - it was unanimously A  so that's what we are going with. Going to go live...
  • A OR B 2

    Hi  Your help with the covers was terrific so if you have a moment please help out again as this one is specific to the consumer rather...
  • A or B?

    After putting up some Actors stuff on Friday I was delighted to hear your comments. Steven Ingram suggested making the canvas variant the...
  • Reality Paper collections just arrived!

    the Reality Paper collected editions just arrived and they look fantastic - couldn't be happier! This is only possible because of all...
  • Reality Paper KS is up

    Thank you for all the backing already and in case you didn't get a KS update the REALITY PAPER collection is...
  • Happy New Year!

    Thank you so much for supporting the work in 2018 and I sincerely hope 2019 brings huge joy to you and even more fun with everyone you...

    As if by premonition the double pages last week make this a little easier. Those that know me know if you need something I can do I get...
  • Real ☺️

  • Process

    Hi everyone ICYMI one of our subscribers, Steven Reid, asked a question about process and you all might find it interesting too...
  • NEWs

    HI I just finished the second THB supplement and because it’s B&W this time it is twice the size of the first. I really am pleased...
  • Unboxing first supplement ☺️

  • Sector 13 cover

    Received an excellent Sector 13 comp from Peter Duncan! ☺️ I did this long before Carlos passed. If it's 2000ad there are so many greats...
  • THB😀

  • The first one is loose like Stripe!

    Hello! I have been traveling for 16 hrs, 4 countries, and I'm typing on my phone. Thankfully I made you all neat little pdfs yesterday...
  • MANifestation

    The support given to my books continues to inspire me to create new work and explore different methods, themes, and characters. The...