Published on 2019-08-19

First, thank you for the unanimous show of support.

The main thing that comes across is that you all enjoyed the alternative content that I could share with the Drip. I believe with the right people running the platform it could  have easily evolved into a market competitor but sometimes the people who can complete cannot be found. So because of this we are in the wind with unfinished projects designed to be long term stories. In truth even though I make books much faster than most the weekly regimen was still very good for me and I got to explore the many other versions of comics that I have in my head. Your reaction and enthusiasm for these expeditions truly drove me forward. It is those full leaps into the experimental that I am most saddened about. They are a release and a joy to do and from your comments I see that more leaps should be taken.

There are three options.

  1. Just do Kickstarters
  2. Launch a Patreon
  3. DIY

I will do the first anyway. I will probably not do the second. The third option is strong. If Patreon can do it anyone can do it yet there is no other site I'm aware of that attempts this completely. I do not want to launch a site. If I was younger I would consider it but these days I want to make comics and I want you to be able to see them so I looked at debit sites. The most common market leader appears to be Go Cardless. It would be reasonably simple to set this up and to set up a message board (probably a Facebook page) and then continue as normal with simply me sending the emails each week direct instead of through Drip. One subscriber already highlighted the chip in this armour - Steven Reid mentioned the difficulty in drawing new subscribers. With it not being as simple a process many would be turned off. It is viable to all of us though if we want to continue business as usual.

There is a small window before the Drip is disbanded so I shall take a little more time to consider which road lies ahead. In the meantime please let me know your thoughts and also if you are aware of any sites or platforms that could better facilitate us all.

Thanks again for the show of support,

it really means a lot