Published on 2018-09-18

The support given to my books continues to inspire me to create new work and explore different methods, themes, and characters. The response on Kickstarter to both the current on-going The Human Beings and the reprint series The MBC Library has been fantastic. 

Sometimes a new idea just bounces up to the surface and rather than place the idea in the notebook I like to release the idea, get it out, set it free, and make the comic. This process usually involves time spent in solitude but with my latest work I believe this can change to become much more of a interactive conversation with you. To start this conversation I'm offering a brand new title MANifestation and it is available here on the new Kickstarter subscription service Drip. For as little as 50p you get new pages every week. MANifestation is a modern fable dressed as psychological horror. It will make you think about where we are right now and what can be lost. If you enjoy your creeps with a little lingering thinking then this is for you. 

Also, do not worry, for those eager for The Human Beings issue 7 it will still be coming atcha via a traditional print Kickstarter and on top of that, without giving too much away, MANifestation is canon.

As well as the basic MANifestation subscription there are higher subscriptions just like the reward tiers in a regular Kickstarter. which offer much greater delights. At £10 you get access to MANifestation plus full process plus a physical zine "Reality Paper" mailed to you every month. A little more and you get The Human Beings supplement "Fifteen Days In The Heat". Right at the top you can get original art too.

Please take a moment to check it all out.

Many thanks,