Published on 2018-11-28

As if by premonition the double pages last week make this a little easier. Those that know me know if you need something I can do I get it done. There will not be any new pages this week. This was my view on Friday and it didn't change much till yesterday.

I was taken in with heart complications. It's not my first rodeo. I am out of hospital now and at the moment there's no more need for concern but I don't have access to the drive with MANifestation on it so I apologise but we have to skip this week. Between tests and rests there was not much process either but I do have the cover for THB supplement three for you down below which was uploaded last Thursday. Also, I did manage to make a Kickstarter from my phone and launch it so the week hasn't been completely unproductive. I was delighted to see it fund in 24hrs and big, big thanks to you for supporting it. 

One of the other positives that came from rest was reading. I took advantage of the the digital sales over the weekend and found some gems. Top of the pile was Pandora's Eyes by Milo Manara and Vincenzo Cerami. The crime/kidnapping plot plays second to Manara's stunning art. I am a big fan and this was one of the few I had not read before so I relished every panel.

I also bought an Incal volume just to have digitally. If you've never read it think The Fifth Element but with a more buffoonish lead. It's great. I also got a volume of Namibia that I haven't made it to yet and a few Image trades of titles I hadn't kept on top of - Nailbiter and Southern Bastards. Southern Bastards is a stunning looking book too but the third trade for me was a bit of a dip - like a Netflix show that takes twelve episodes to get through a plot that used to fit onto one week's story before shows were streaming. Everyone knows what you want from Southern Bastards - you want Earl's daughter to come back - and Aaron ( a writer I admire very much, especially on Thor) takes the long route round. Don't be put off: as a modern title it is still very far ahead of the pack and Jason Latour's art is something to relish. 

I was gifted a few printed trades too so if they are any good I'll let you know.

That's it for this week. Thanks in advance for your patience and for your continued support on Kickstarter and on Drip - repeating what I said in the update, it genuinely means the world to me to make the books and be able to share them with you.

Till next week...