Published on 2018-10-28


I just finished the second THB supplement and because it’s B&W this time it is twice the size of the first. I really am pleased with this one so if you like the look of it too please share -

I decided that because it’s expensive to print in small numbers just to put all your money back into giving you more stuff as you will see with the first supplement where you also get the 70cmx50cm limited edition signed and numbered print “Mecca at the crossing” .

If you are on the £15 here is what you currently get

Exclusive signed print copy of the THB supplement + bonus

Monthly print copy broadsheet Reality Paper

4 MANifestation pdfs

4 MORE pdfs

2 THB + Reality Paper pdfs

The bonus will always be different, always exclusive, and always signed.

Also if you know anyone who would like a look I have just added a one week trial tier for only £1!

There will also be artwork draws for subscribers coming up to Christmas.

Like a few of you mentioned I too am not crazy about Drip as a name or RIP as a domain and I told the people at Drip about this. They told me last week that the name will be changed to XOXO when everything gets rolled out next year. This is much better plus all your subscriptions will migrate automatically with the full roll out.

Thank you as always for all your support.

More MANifestation on Wednesday 

see you then,