Published on 2018-11-16

Hi everyone

ICYMI one of our subscribers, Steven Reid, asked a question about process and you all might find it interesting too -

Steven Reid

Love the explosion of colour and emotion in the MANifestation update. Quite breathtaking. How far are you working ahead with this Stuart and has the drip process changed the flow of how you create the books?

 Hi Steven

The flow remains the same. The difference now is that subscribers can now see much more of the work. 

 I tend not to go too far ahead or I get bored! I'm doing MANifestation an "issue" at a time so essentially last week would be the end of "issue one" of a regular 24page comic book. The whole thing is plotted and scripted in advance but I don't do page breakdowns until I'm actually going to draw it. Also, when I draw, natural breaks seem to occur so I would switch over and work on THB. As regards the supplements they come quite quickly and give me the chance to expand the world without the story being a full regular issue. Reality Paper is stuff I do anyway and it's great to see that in print. Reality Paper is mostly work from the previous month. 

Basically everything else is fully planned and I draw constantly with maybe a break of a few days after an issue is finished. I'm on MANifestation "2" and 3/4 of the way through THB7 which is turning into a much bigger book now - maybe a novella, time permitting.