an exclusive message just for you.

Published on 2018-03-18

Greetings my fine feathered friends! 

As the earth spins and we twirl our way into Spring, I wanted to update you and let you know about some of TF3T’s events and occasions. 

As a fundamental DRIP supporter for the feath3r theory , this is an exclusive message just for you. 

Firstly (starting with a big one), TF3T will be hosting another TELETHON! 

Last year was such a glittering success that Kickstarter themselves are hosting us! The event will take place on my birthday June 4th at the Kickstarter Headquarters! 

We will be sending official invites closer to the time, but wanted you to be the first to know! If you weren’t part of the event last year, to paint a picture: it’s a 24 hour celebration with performances, food, booze, music’n’merrment and yes we pick up the phone, and call out for cash! That cash helps the feath3r theory rent space, make theatre and make the world a better place for a few hour sat a time.  The telethon is our way of hosting a Gala, and I would be truly honoured to have you there as my special guest. 

Secondly (down to business), We have been working hard on crafting a way to present the company and our work. We created a magazine! Take a look at it here. We are going to send this to presenters and arts organizations across the nation. We have work and stories to tell, that we feel more than just our home circles deserve to see. Part of the process of creating the magazine was thinking about our company language and how we talk about ourselves. 

Thirdly (a mini-success story), I am really grateful to be an awardee of the 2018 Marble House Project Artist Residency, administer by the National Endowment for the Arts.  There are 56 other amazing artists and I am humbled to be alongside them. I will travel to Vermont in October and I will work on the new works Wednesday and The McCarthy Era. You can read more about it here if you are curious:

Finally (future artistic goals), I am trying to steer a new direction for TF3T. After a decade of Warhol-influenced work, I am pursuit of more personal, vulnerable, and identity-informed work. 

I want to explore the ethics of work seeking to uniquely combine performance art and social activism, particularly the stories of those who marginalized, and the communities that represent them. 

Stay Tuned for how this evolves. 

If you have any questions, want to be involved at all, go for coffee, I am here. 

Thank you once again for you all your support. 

Best Wishes,