The Evergreen Review showcases voices from the literary and social fringes. It uniquely combines an incredible history (going back 60 years) with an ongoing commitment to alternative movements.

In 1957, Barney Rosset, Fred Jordan and a few others launched The Evergreen Review with work by Samuel Beckett, Jean-Paul Sartre, Mark Schorer, and James Purdy. For the next sixteen years, Evergreen published writing that launched an assault on American propriety: literary, sexual, and social. Evergreen’s genius lay in its ability to mix radical American voices from the literary and social fringes—Burroughs, Ginsberg, Susan Sontag, LeRoi Jones, Henry Miller—with a global cast of writers, many of whom were introduced to American readers by the magazine: Beckett, Genet, Grass, Ōe, Duras, Paz, Walcott, Nabokov. 


The magazine was often shocking, always intriguing. It featured some of the finest writing available, by writers whose influence continues to shape contemporary literature.   


Now under the leadership of publisher John Oakes and editor-in-chief Dale Peck, the new Evergreen builds on its legacy of searching out the stories that aren’t being told or aren’t being heard: stories that challenge our sensibilities and expand our understanding of the way people actually live in the world, and the way their truths can be expressed.


Evergreen is one of the most innovative, politically committed little magazines around, one with an unmatched history, a unique commitment to cultural and political change, and steered by some of the most exciting editorial minds on the contemporary scene.

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