Published on 2018-01-17

A small group of writers and editors--Dale Peck, John Oakes, Porochista Khakpour, Zia Jaffrey, and Calvin Baker--decided a year or so back to accept a challenging task: the revival of one of the all-time great cultural/political/literary reviews, The Evergreen Review--to do so while keeping true to its stunning history AND to do so without any funds in hand. About that last part: we started with just over $66 in the bank (and a great reputation, with which, as they say, you can't feed people). We also committed to paying authors and artists a respectable wage for their work. You can see the conflict.

Amazingly, wonderfully, hundreds of Evergreen readers, new ones as well as people who grew up reading the magazine in the 1960s and 1970s, from across the country and in fact around the world, stepped forward and gave us a hand. And now we're in business. But to keep moving ahead, we need a steady stream of Dripsters. Join us, and you'll get previews of forthcoming articles; inside pictures (visual and written) of Evergreen-in-action and its formidable crew at work; musings by its editors...and more. We think we're doing something important and helpful. Let us show you.