Featured Artists – The Current // Identity

Published on 2018-02-01

📅 Tuesday, February 20th
📍 SoHo Salon with Members of The Current from 6-10PM
🔊 Livestreaming in 360° on Facebook Live at 8PM EST

“This panel will explore how contemporary artists subvert, disassemble, and undo the standard language we have to talk about identity. In doing so, they offer new and surprising paradigms for framing and exploring very old questions. We take up “identity” as a point of access, identity as mode for collective meaning-making, and identity as the exquisite and universal search to mediate who we would like to be through how we wish to be seen.”

- Nora Khan

The Current is kicking off our 2018 Salon Programming with Nora Khan presenting a panel, hosted in our SoHo loft space. For one night only, we’ll screen artworks selected by Khan for the discussion, presented salon-style for members of The Current.

Selected artists include:

Snow Yunxue Fu
Jakob Kudusk Steensen
Jacolby Satterwhite
LaTurbo Avedon
Ryan Kuo
Tabita Rezaire
Ann Hirsch

Many of the artworks in the salon are available online, and others are on loan – artworks include moving image installation, software-based artworks, virtual reality, 360° Video, and other time-based media formats.

Invited members attending live are participants on our cooperative collections committee – they receive details on the works we are considering for acquisition into The Current’s collection, and have a vote on which works should be added to the collection. After the salon, our members have special access to enjoy the artworks in the museum’s collection.

Our cooperative collections committee is open to anyone, you can register online here via drip – the committee is limited to 50 patrons, at two levels of support – $250/$500 a quarter.

Become a Collection Committee Member – $250/quarter (Vote on artworks for the collection, and attend the salons in-person) https://d.rip/thecurrent/reward/221/

Become a Patron Member – $500/quarter (Special artist events, vote on artworks for the collection, and attend the salons in-person +1) https://d.rip/thecurrent/reward/220/

*Artwork image – still from 'Side' (2017) by Snow Yunxue Fu