Kickstarting 2019

Published on 2019-01-30

You're the very first to know. We've launched a Kickstarter campaign.

You've attended a salon, joined conversations with artists and curators, supported our mission to preserve contemporary time-based media art, and celebrated our latest collaboration with Betaworks. You're the backbone of The Current, and we're excited to share our next chapter with you.

 You're invited to join at our next member's event: The Current Museum: Salon on Artificial Intelligence curated by Julia Kaganskiy opening during Armory Arts Week in New York this March.

We're moving off the Drip platform we started The Current Salons on. Signing up through Kickstarter is the way to guarantee your spot, and help support what we do to make time-based media art accessible.

Join us in building a momentum behind our first campaign. After you back the project, we’re asking you to help our community grow.  Send an email to a friend or post on Facebook to encourage friends to do the same. 

Here are a few ideas for what you can say.

I just made Armory Week plans! Private preview with the artists in this salon on AI, @CurrentMuseum that you can join too.

Let's collect some art together. Vote on @CurrentMuseum acquisitions of art about AI and display the winners in your own home, too.

The Current is a museum built around contemporary digital art. This is your invitation to shape its future.

If you're curious about collecting contemporary art, The Current Museum might be the most welcoming place to do it. Join curated salons, talk to artists, meet likeminded collectors, and vote on which pieces make it into our collection.

This art party is a really good fucking time and I want to see you at the next one.

Thank you for your early support, as our founding members and fans!