My intention is to inspire every single person to live a life of full expression. To connect with their divine feminine & masculine and be bold, colourful, and bright. Follow me on IG @Torisswanson

I remember waking up one morning and everything felt different 

Life felt hard, to say the least. My reality completely flipped. I had no zest for life, motivation or energy, and my self-esteem was at an all time low. I was living by the way of "should" and "can't" instead of "could" or "don't". I felt like I lost complete control of my surroundings and my internal dialogue maintained a rhetoric self destructive conversation. I was depressed.

It was the start of untreated anxiety that manifested in the form of anorexia and bulimia

It was art that allowed me to surface and express my emotions. I remember locking myself in a room and painting or drawing for hours until I was utterly exhausted. My artwork took on my hopefully perceptive while I grappled with my newfound identifiable feelings of angst, sadness, and self-loath.I remember dropping into a figure drawing class and admiring the way the full figured model stood in front of a class of 50 or more students. She was so confident and nonchalant, while I was in the background and afraid to look at her too long in case I made her uncomfortable.

I found myself lost in every single curve and the expression on their face. I was witnessing bravery and vulnerability at the same time. A complete stranger inspired me to change and adapt a similar perspective with my own mind, body and spirit.

Too often we find ourselves critical of our bodies. When in doubt, our bodies are the only life partner we have ever had. I've realized through the practice of my work and developing a strong intuition, that the only cure is to truly learn how to sit still with yourself, to accept your flaws, and imperfections and really celebrate your diversity and uniqueness. I hope my artwork allows you to find peace with your own body and celebrate your divine femininity. 

About The Artwork

I studied fine arts at Langara college back in 2009. That's when I discovered my love for colour, and figure drawing - it came naturally to me. My artwork is inspired by movement, the human body and community.

My intention as an artist is to emancipate individuals from their fears to live a life of full expression.

Through personal intuitive readings, to private portraitures I want you to feel like you've been scene and heard. I offer a transformative experience to help you regain your self-esteem and purpose. Too often we get hung up about what we look like from the exterior, when we all look the same - we're just different variations. 

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  • New Artwork Update

    I love using neon colours, and lots of layers. It adds so much depth to my paintings, and is a great reflection of who we are.