TOY BOX COMICS is a two-person comic studio— ft. a married couple who love making LGBT+ themed webcomics together. Their current ongoing projects are Tripping Over You, and The Death of Caleb Perkins.


Hello! We're Suzana Harcum and Owen White, the illustrator and writer of Toy Box Comics. We're a married lesbian couple who love world-building, character-making, and story-telling together. Our webcomics are our favorite way to fold all of those shared passions together.

We love making comics together, and put out 2-3 pages a week for free— but we'd be stoked if you'd be interested in supporting our comic-making habit here on Drip. Services like Drip help us to pay the bills, but also allow us to share our creative process with readers— and even to send out monthly rewards.

Some of our tiers include signed prints, in-character holiday cards, and one of a kind original artworks. We have a lot of fun working on these alongside our comics, and we're honored to be able to share them with supporters.

Here's a look at the comics we're currently making: 

Tripping Over You

     Growing up is an awkward waltz. Tripping Over You follows Milo and Liam's steps (and missteps) as they begin a new relationship, fold each other into their lives, and trip into adulthood and living together.  

This slice of life LGBT comic is rated PG13, and updates twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays.

The Death of Caleb Perkins

     Even moralistic crimes demand justice. The Death of Caleb Perkins is the story of two outcasts drawn into a romance that can only end in death. It follows a cowardly fugitive attempting to outrun his own execution, and the man who comes to love him in spite of his failings, at the risk of losing everything. 

This historical fiction LGBT comic is rated R, and updates on Wednesdays.


We also stream work of each page on our Twitch channel, where we share our creative process and chat with readers while working!


Thanks so much for reading and for checking out our projects! And thank you so much to those considering supporting us— you make it possible for us to create things we love very much, and that means the world to us! ♥

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