A look at each of our tiers!

Published on 2018-10-10

Hey guys! Have any questions about what's on each of our tiers? Here's a quick rundown on each of them, with some visuals for examples!


For supporting us at $1 a month, you will gain access to our VIP-only Discord channel! 

We use this channel to post WIPs, doodles, to talk about our future plans for upcoming chapters, and are always thrilled to get your input on what you'd like to see for future Patreon content! 


Supporting us at $5 a month gives you access to exclusive sketches and extra art related to the comic, as well as access to flashback comics set before TOY begins!

Gain immediate access to an ever-growing exclusive sketch feed (and make sketch requests for us to work on while we stream comic updates); gain access to extra flashback comics; see work-in-process sketches from pages before they're finished, illustrations not posted elsewhere, panel sketches that are cut before the final comic, and more! Our supporters are also welcome to make requests about what content they'd like to see here!

This tier also has access to rewards related to previous tiers! 


 For supporting us at $10 a month, patrons gain access to our concept art feed: featuring character design sketches, sneak peeks and plot teasers for our upcoming comic projects! Here we'll share concept ideas for Death Of Caleb Perkins, for Walk It Off, and for any other comic projects we have planned!

This tier also has access to a patron-only NSFW sketch feed!

  • Supporters can choose to opt out of this feed if they are not interested in this content! 
  • Interested supporters on this tier (who are 18 or older) can gain access to a sketch feed of NSFW content. We mirror this feed in a private, NSFW channel in our Discord that $10 patrons have access to, as well as invite interested Booty Bandits to access a drive full of content. 
  • We take some comfy requests for sketches you'd like to see, as well!
  • Anyone on the $10 tier and up will have access to a free copy of any adult extras we make going forward, as soon as they're released!
  • We also invite $10 supporters to sit in on the WIP of the creation of new 18+ extra pages! (These will be held in a private, VIP-only art stream, on Picarto!)

This tier also has access to rewards related to previous tiers! 


 For supporting us at $20 a month, patrons will receive a full-color print sent to them in the mail once a month. These are themed to the month they are sent out during, and often come in matching sets intended for display together.

Prints sent out for months containing major holidays will include in-character greeting cards, featuring hand-written notes (and often doodles) from the characters themselves! 

This tier also has access to rewards related to previous tiers! 


For supporting us at $30 a month, we send a personalized art card to you in the mail, along with the print from the $20 a month tier! Each art card features one-of-a-kind, original, hand-drawn art. 

Each card is sized 3"x5", and is lined and colored with copic inks and color marker. Rory's pals on the $30 tier are invited to make requests for anything they'd like featured on their card, or can opt to receive a card themed to dealer's choice.

This tier also has access to rewards related to previous tiers, and is limited to only 6 patrons max!